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About Us

Our company has been manufacturing and wholesaling leather goods including saddlery, shooting accessories and tool belts since 1865 and we have 25 years of knowledge & experience in the fitness industry. We recognised a need in the fight sport market for genuinely, good quality gloves and accessories. Using our knowledge & experience in manufacturing and design, we expanded our range and produced RIPT Sportswear. Our young brand focuses on sporting accessories for Boxing, MMA and kick boxing but we are continually expanding and re-inventing our ranges.


Ript Sports products have a distinct quality and look which is emphasized by the bold branding, RIPT is already making its mark in the industry with fighters, gyms and sporting stores endorsing the products. The RIPT sports range is distinct as it is made with only the highest quality leather and raw materials. Our patterns are specifically designed for comfort, durability and optimum use in sport. In the production process of our range, the products are tested by some of the greatest names in fight sport, to ensure that they will last the rounds, you can read their stories in 'Testimonials'. This is why we are proud to provide a 100% quality gauruntee on RIPT Sportswear.

100% Quality Guaranteed


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